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Find the right talent with our assisted hiring services: Onboarding, Training, Deploying

Staffing Services and IT Recruitment Services | USA

Our IT services include Sourcing, Screening, Training, Recruiting, and Onboarding competent professionals based on your company’s requirements.

Our talent acquisition team has extensive experience sourcing and screening candidates based on their niche and skills from various career portals. Besides, we assist aspirants in upskilling and reskilling their careers through competency-based learning experiences. Finally, we onboard the talents that match your job requirements.

At Softtune Technologies, we offer the following staffing services

Permanent Staffing Services in USA

We realize how difficult it is to find committed, suitable talents. To make things simpler, we will assist you in recruiting qualified individuals and integrating them into your organization.

Our consultants are dedicated to helping your company choose the ideal candidate who can really fit within your organization for a longer period. We have a solid track record of supplying permanent employees to a variety of industries across USA.

Permanent Staffing Services in USA
Contract / Temporary Staffing Services in USA

Temporary staffing | USA

Softtune Technologies embraces flexibility and business freedom with outstanding temporary staffing services in USA to enhance your organization’s productivity, quality, efficiency, and cost reductions, among several other benefits.

Most organizations prefer temporary staffing when they have projects that require assistance but not long-term commitments. This enables the company to be agile in response to market demands. Furthermore, the provision of temporary employment services has been shown to boost company morale and often lead to substantial hiring.

Contract to hire | USA

C2H staffing, also known as Contract to Hire, enables a company with a period of performance review to assess whether an employee is a long-term strategic fit or not.

This enables the organization to analyze the candidate’s skills and capabilities. If the organization is satisfied with the candidate’s work, she or he will be employed as a permanent employee at the end of the contract period. C2H has become more prevalent in a wide range of industries.

Contract To Hire Services in USA
Train And Deploy Services in USA
Train And Deploy Services in USA

We provide extensive training programs to candidates as part of the recruiting process, based on their abilities and the requirements of the organization.

Our trainers are knowledgeable about new emerging technologies and programming languages such as Java full stack, Python, Dot Net, Oracle, and many others. At the end of the training program, we deploy qualified candidates to our clients.