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Softtune Technologies, a forerunner software company that offers software development services to abundant industries in USA.

DevOps Services & Solutions In USA

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We assist all our clients to achieve enhanced performance in development and operations, rapid reach time into the market and design robust software by identifying emerging issues and retaining the code in a reusable state at all times. Our professionals create a DevOps approach that will allow you to achieve exceptional coordination while providing a good user experience.

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Why Does DevOps Matter?

Softtune Technologies’ DevOps services have transformed many industries in USA, right from entertainment to finance. Our IT services have become an integral part of our clients’ businesses rather than just supporting them.

We help our clients communicate with their consumers with the software supplied as internet services on a wide range of devices. They also utilize our software to improve operational efficiencies by changing all aspects of the value chain, including logistics, communications, and operations.

Infrastructure Management

We will manage interactions between your cloud and on-premises systems, along with servers, storage, networks, and more.

Operational Management

Our qualified team will design, monitor, and manage your cloud operating operations.

Capacity Management

Our team assesses whether your cloud resources are adequately sized to serve business workloads in a cost-effective way.

Availability Management

Our experts are skilled at embedding robust monitoring into your event-driven management system.

Release Management

Enhance the number of successful deployments by effectively implementing release methodologies.

Security Management

Our experts manage inspections and security audits, as well as execute appropriate security measures.

Adopted Tools and Platforms

We regularly implement innovative cloud migration methods and employ the most effective and proven tools and technologies

cloud platform

Cloud Platforms

Moving to cloud DevOps consulting services will help your business to save money on maintenance of IT systems and acquires access to infrastructure, platforms, and software.

Microsoft Cloud, AWS, Open Stack, Google Cloud


Configuration Management

Helps to manage complex software systems, accelerate deployments, and make system management predictable and scalable.

Ansible, Puppet, Chef, CF Engine



Authoring structured lines of instructions for performing tasks like computer software, websites, applications, video games, operating systems, and so on.

 GitHub, Gitlab, Xcode, Sonarqube



These tools effectively automate the process of compiling, testing, packaging, and deploying source code.

Apache Ant, Gradle, Maven, Xcode

testing tools DevOps


These tools track issues and bugs, keep test results more visible, and keep track of test materials.

Burpsuite, Selenium, Junit, Apache Jmeter

DevOps Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management

Keeps your network secure from known exploits and compatible with all regulatory requirements.

Twistlock, Anchor, Sysdig, Owasp ZAP

It services management

IT services management and Collaboration

To streamline significant incident response and problem management, create a productive feedback loop between DevOps and ITSM.

Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, SolarWinds

deployment devops


Optimizing the deployment of software and updates, collaborating on projects, tracking progress, and managing changes.

Octopus deployment, Spinnaker, AWS Codedeploy, Argo

devops monitoring services


These processes enable your business to apply a structured method for gathering, evaluating, and utilizing information to monitor program development.

Google Analytics, Grafana, Cloudwatch, Splunk

How Do We Benefit You ?

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Cost Optimization

Through enhanced workflow and operations, we will support your organization in substantially cutting and managing cloud expenses.

Enhanced operational support

Our DevOps consulting services will accelerate data and information flow for easier collaboration and can benefit from improved documentation and quality control.

Increased Productivity

With DevOps consulting solutions you can improve productivity and turnaround times by integrating lean and agile software development strategies.

Reduced Market Time

Implementing DevOps development services will speed up software deployment and helps to deploy bug-free software in less time.