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Softtune Technologies, a forerunner software company that offers software development services to abundant industries in USA.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management Services ) | USA

CRM services are often designed to automate marketing, sales, and customer care. CRM services include CRM consultation, installation, testing, and maintenance, among other things. Softtune Technologies assists industries in developing sustainable CRM solutions that minimize marketing, sales, and customer service expenses.

We provide innovative solutions for both B2B and B2C businesses in USA. We have a proven track record of supporting diverse industries in enhancing conversion and retention rates in order to increase long-term income. With our extensive expertise of CRM integration and implementation services, we have assisted in the development of data points, analytical tools, and valuable insights that have allowed clients to make informed decisions.

customer relationship management services and solutions | crm integration

By collaborating with diverse sectors, we can leverage our relevant knowledge and skills to understand corporate culture and processes in order to install CRM software that accelerates growth and positions us as the finest CRM consultant company in USA.

Our CRM Services

CRM Consulting Services
We provide comprehensive assistance to companies in the United States striving to enhance their customer service processes. Our skilled workforce is capable of analyzing and comprehending your company's requirements. They suggest a viable CRM solution after acquiring relevant data. However, our consultants may recommend upgrading your workforce with new software and marketing strategies to satisfy consumer demands and achieve business objectives at times.
CRM Customization Services
We acknowledge that every organization has a unique work process and culture. We provide the best CRM services in USA by either adding or modifying current CRM features to make them more suitable for your organization. Our company delivers tailored platform-based solutions in both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. In addition, our experts are experienced in creating completely customized CRM solutions from the scratch.
CRM Integration Services
CRM integration is used for a variety of purposes, including application integration, data integration, B2B ecosystem integration, on-premises integration, API publishing, and others. We establish the infrastructure for connecting the customer lifecycle through marketing, sales, finance, and customer service systems. Our CRM software integrations will make your business more extensible and scalable by using the correct integration tools.
CRM Migration Services
CRM data migration is a challenging task that should be tackled with caution. Softtune Technologies ensures that data is safely transferred from one CRM to another without loss. We have ten years of experience in migrating data to enhance your business operations. Using our CRM migration services may help your company reduce costs while improving efficiency, flexibility, and security.
CRM Testing
CRM typically stores an enormous amount of sensitive customer data, rendering it vulnerable to data breaches. As a result, the Softtune Technologies test team conducts vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and other operations to ensure that your CRM is genuinely safe. Our test engineers additionally validate role-based access control. Our CRM testing solutions are capable of handling complicated integrations while maintaining company continuity and providing an amazing customer experience.
CRM Support
Our professionals will monitor the demands of your process even after the delivery, as well as maintain your CRM up to date with enhanced functionality and give assistance as needed. For stable operation, we provide 24/7 CRM system monitoring, monthly system health checks, and a user assistance desk with troubleshooting.

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